Handcrafted Furniture by Brian BenhamBrian’s Custom Furniture & Art

Brian creates beautiful quality furniture of modern and classic designs. He meticulously designs and builds each piece to ensure it meets a high standard of design and craftsmanship. It is Brian’s hope that when you see one of his pieces, you can’t help but be drawn to it. You will be able to feel how solid the construction is, see the beauty and shape of the design, and let your eyes follow the grain in the wood as you take in its richness and beauty. It will be inviting to the touch, and have a sense of quality and poise about it.

Visit Brian’s Furniture Website “Benham Design Concepts” To commision your special piece!

What is on my workbenchBrian’s Blog – What’s On My Workbench

Brian writes about his thoughts on running a successful creative and woodworking business.  You will find some success stories, and failures, along with his thoughts on best business practices.  He publishes an overview of his latest released YouTube videos along with a list of the specialty tools and materials used in the build.

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YouTube Channel

Get an inside look into Brian’s shop and his methods of work.  Watch how he goes from an idea to a completed project.  Whether you are curious how Brian designs and build his furniture or you are another woodworker looking to pick up a few new woodworking tips, this is a great YouTube channel to subscribe to.

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Brian's little store of woodworking apparel, project plans and gift ideasBrian’s Little Store

In addition to designing furniture Brian offers “How To Plans” for some of his builds, as well as a line of apparel, and small gift shop type items made from scrap wood.  You will be amazed with what he can do with some scrap wood!

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