Brian Benham – Designer, Artist, Craftsman

Brian BenhamBrian Benham is a third generation craftsman, he grew up in the perfect neighborhood to learn about woodworking.  On the corner was Jeff, a custom cabinet maker.  Next-door was Mark who built beautiful clocks and anything else he could think of, and of course his father a carpenter by trade.  At an early age Brian got a taste of the trades and learned by watching them work in their craft.

It didn’t take long to get Brian hooked into making things.  As a kid he could care less about watching Saturday morning cartoons, but rarely did he miss an episode of This Old House, Norm Abram in The New Yankee Workshop, and Roy Underhill of The Woodwright’s Shop.  He watched and learned soaking up their knowledge like a sponge.

At age 13 he got a summer job in a fabrication shop for Hamilton Construction, as the cleanup kid.  His hard work ethic earned him the respect of the old grizzled welders who took the time to teach him to read plans, layout a project, and the skills needed to build most anything from steel to wood.  Brian worked there most summers between school years, and full time after graduating.

He moved on to cut his teeth in sales, selling a variety of building materials, specializing in floorcoverings.  With his construction background and new sales skills he was able to move into project management for a remodeling company.  For the better part of a decade he design and managed a variety of remodel and new construction projects, from residential to commercial spaces.   In 2008 the housing crisis began and it wasn’t long before the construction company Brian worked for filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The owner was simply too far over extended to weather the financial storm.

Over those past years Brian never lost his passion of building things, you would often find him in his shop working into the late evening hours and on weekends bringing to life his latest design.  It was that passion and the love for the craft that propelled him into starting his own furniture business.  By 2010 he had taken his passion for design and building custom furniture, and turned it into a full time business.

Since then he has had the opportunity to work with some of the top interior designers in Colorado, collaborating on furniture designs for their spaces.  Through working with such high end clients he has had the opportunity to meet other master craftspeople, exchanging knowledge and techniques to continue the journey of mastering the craft of designing and building furniture.

He continues today to push his skill into working with new techniques, new materials, and more complicated designs.  Some call him a master craftsman, but for Brian the journey towards mastering a craft never ends.  There is always more to learn, and more things to dream up and build.

Ebony Butterfly inlays hand cut by Brian Benham

Artist Statement

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